Client needs

R & A investment research solutions are designed to meet a wide variety of professional asset managers’ requirements.

Investment Strategy module

The Global Investment Strategy module offers a number of advantages for investment committees: it reduces the time needed for preparing basic strategy documents, it provides a consistent basis for discussion, and it provides an independent, third-party view as well as access to a qualified sparring partner.

In addition, our professionally crafted private-label documents may be used to communicate with end clients, and the R & A Group’s comprehensive know-how may be accessed to answer specific client questions.  

Working with the R & A Group also offers firms a cost-efficient way of bridging specific in-house know-how gaps (e.g. chief economist, chief investment officer).

Stock Selection module

R & A equity portfolios are attractive products for portfolio managers and clients alike, not only because of their good performance, but also thanks to the consistency and transparency of the stock-selection process on which they are based.

R & A equity portfolios can also serve as useful management tools, both in private banking and portfolio management.


R & A investment research outsourcing solutions are cost-effective when compared to in-house solutions.

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