Research modules

We do not simply sell research, but see ourselves as a trusted outsourcing partner to our clients. Our clients, for their part, regard us as an integral part of their in-house research activities.

Our research offering comprises two standard modules:

  • Investment strategy & asset allocations

  • Stock selection & model portfolios.

In addition, we are also able to offer individualized research modules tailored to specific client needs.

To allow our clients the broadest possible use of our research, we make it available to them in private-label format. We maintain a regular dialog with our clients and present our research and market outlook at clients’ premises.

Module „Investment Strategy“

Our Global Investment Strategy & Asset Allocations module comprises an in-depth quarterly analysis of economic trends along with our forecasts for the most important asset classes and world regions. We update our investment strategy on a monthly basis and whenever important news flow or changes in asset prices warrant an adjustment. Asset


allocations are provided for standard reference currencies and strategies or in accordance with client specifications.

Module „Stock Selection“

Our Stock Selection & Model Portfolios module comprises a range of standard portfolios, such as our Global Equity Selection, as well as portfolios investing in specific regions and countries (Europe, Switzerland, USA, Asia ex-Japan) and equity lists compiled in accordance with client specifications.

Our basic model portfolios consist of recommended positions in the shares of 20-25 companies. They are designed for direct implementation in private-client portfolios. We also offer more comprehensive lists, suitable for the level of diversification required in institutional asset management. These broader lists also allow portfolio managers or advisors to select stocks according to their own criteria.

On request, we are able to provide company fact-sheets for private-label use.


R & A Investment Research is available in German and English (in addition, selected publications are available in French and Italian).

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